A hard wake up

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Arkship illustration
Credits: Arkship illustration from NovaQuark

I woke up from cryogenic sleep while the Arkship was landing on the planet. Actually, the term "crashing" would be more exact.
As you can guess, waking up went brutal. Fortunately, my body wasn't smashed to pieces.

After railing against the AI and her creator - who think that waking someone up in the middle of a crashing would be a good idea ? - I began to listen to her instructions and slowly stood up from my hibernacle.

Having beta-tested the nanoformer and associated nanostorage, I had no need to run the AI simulation. Thankfully, I had not forgotten this part of my memory. "It's like bycicle, you never forget how to use it" said the engineers. Well, they were true, except that I didn't recall any blueprint outside of basic shapes.
Whatever, it was no big deal: the only thing I wanted right now was to get out as soon as possible.

I had a precise idea of what I wanted to do: build a versatile ship and go out explore our new galaxy.

I had no idea where I was. I could not recognize any constellation in the sky. The AI wasn't either.
While some were affraid of this idea, I was pleased to have a challenge to measure to. It was the opportunity to forge our own path, our own new civilization... and, why not ? forge a name that may be remembered for ages.

But currently, I didn't really feel like a hero... My body was incredibly weak and and frail, my thoughts were so slow... and my memory was shredded. But, at least, I was able to stand up and walk a bit without help.

I was moving myself with caution. The Arkship didn't land perfectly vertical so the ground was not really horizontal either.
Eventually, I got to my suit.
I struggled for nearly half an hour. But finally, I activated the main systems and locked my helmet. Exhausted, I stood there a few minutes while my personal AI - I named it "Mia" - was checking every system.

Even after ten thousand years, there were still all operational. I don't know who designed them, but anyway, good job guys.

Like in a dream, I opened the Arkship airlock, got shocked bu the environment beauty and strangeness, eventually went out, and began writing my story.